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Rooms Summary

For larger gatherings of family and friends, the Durian Runtuh + Rahsiah rooms offers the best combination of privacy capacity. There is only one pool shared by all.

  1. Sasterawan - 2 pax - Pets allowed
  2. Evensong - 2 pax
  3. Senjja - 2 to 4 pax - Pets allowed
  4. Durian Runtuh - 4 pax
  5. Rahsiah - 4 to 5 pax - Pets allowed - Same building as Durian Runtuh


  1. Breakfast, Nescafe/Milo/Tea
  2. Cooking facilities - fridge, microwave, toaster, rice cooker, multicooker/steamboat, cooking and dining utensils, salt, sugar, pepper, cooking oil, drinking water.
  3. Barbecue facilities - coals, fire starters, fans, tongs, pit
  4. Toiletries - soap, shampoo, towels, tissues, hair dryers
  5. Others
    1. mosquito coils
    2. awanmulan private Wifi only at the pool area
    3. cell coverage best for Celcom, worse for Digi

Not Provided

  1. Any food other than breakfast (unless specifically ordered)
  2. Television
  3. Air conditioning
  4. Oompa Loompas


  1. no restaurants on the hill
  2. nearest restaurant is down in the village 15 minutes away (malay and indian food).
  3. nearest chinese restaurant is 25 minutes away.
  4. nearest western or japanese type restaurant is 35 minutes away.
  5. nearest authentic traditional icelandic restaurant is a 1.5 hour drive, two flights 16 hours in total with 8 hour transit time.


  1. Catering orders only above 6pax
  2. All breakfast and food is provided by our catering partner down in the village. No chef on site


  1. Only small dogs are allowed. Please send us a photo.
  2. One or two dogs allowed per room only.
  3. Free of ticks and fleas
  4. Must be toilet trained. Please clean up after your pets.
  5. Must not be noisy or aggressive.
  6. Not to sleep on our cushioned furniture or beds
  7. Not to eat off our utensils
  8. Not allowed in the pool
  9. Leashed in common areas
  10. Not to use our towels to clean or dry your pets


  1. We do not provide any team building activities
  2. Most people come to do nothing and relax with friends, playing board games or talking and swimming.
  3. We can arrange a guided hike into the Berembun forest reserve. This is paid to the orang asli guide and is at your own risk. It is of moderate difficulty; quite flat with several short stretches of uphill and downhill. Perhaps some leaches


  1. Silence after 1030pm.
  2. Keep it clean. Bin all rubbish. Cigarette buds and ash into bins and ash trays. Turn off lights and heaters not in use
  3. Safeguard beauty of house and contents - Do not damage or move furniture
  4. Safety Always - No climbing on walls or off the perimeter of the house. Don’t run near the pool. Slippery surfaces. Your safety and that of your dependents is your responsibility
  5. Proper pool attire in the pool only
  6. Cars parked at designated areas - we will not be responsible for damage to your vehicle
  7. Gates are locked - access gates up to the hill are sometimes locked at night. Free movement is not possible
  8. All our meals are catered trough a 3rd party - we do not have a in house chef
  9. Hikes are at your own risk - provided by a 3rd party guide
  10. Pets must be well behaved and potty trained - they cannot run wild, urinate or defecate everywhere. We accept no liability if pets get injured due to accidents or in fights with other animals on the hill.
  11. Do not invite your own guests - visitors are our own guests only. Do not invite others for day trips or short trips. We will refuse entry for non booked-in guests

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